Toes in the Sand

Inspired by something I learned while doing research for The Glory Days of Aimée Bonnard. Women in Aimée’s time would not be able to put their toes in the sand, as they were required to wear stockings and bathing shoes at the beach. Can you imagine that? For more of an incursion into the worldContinue reading “Toes in the Sand”

News about My Upcoming Book

Y’all, I have some extremely exciting news and I want the people who watch my Facebook Live show and read my blog to learn it first! A big public announcement will follow soon, but for now I want to share it with y’all: One book that really inspired me while I was doing research forContinue reading “News about My Upcoming Book”

Day of the Dead

If change is good for us, and it often is, then why is it so hard? Perhaps the Day of the Dead is a good time to contemplate these questions, as it’s a time to meditate on endings, beginnings, transformation, and the impermanence of things. Here I am, snug in my new old house, whichContinue reading “Day of the Dead”

Hotel Monteleone

It was still cold today, but sunny. I dreamt something good. I don’t remember it now but some of my favorite people were in it. I felt inspired and I finally got back to the manuscript I’ve been neglecting, the one for the sequel to The Adventures of Miss Vulpe. Spoiler alert: I have thisContinue reading “Hotel Monteleone”


One of my Mega Friends dropped off some special watercolors for me this morning, and I used them to paint this picture of Galatoire’s, my favorite restaurant in New Orleans. John sent me a picture of Galatoire’s the other day. He’s been thinking about it and painting it too, as we’re getting ready for hisContinue reading “Galatoire’s”

Drive-Through Voting

Today I went to early vote at Houston Community College, and as I was getting ready to park in order to go inside with my best mask on, I saw the drive-through tents. There were lots of drive-through tents, neatly organized like the plethora of pumps at a Buc-ee’s gas station where nobody ever hasContinue reading “Drive-Through Voting”

Beast of Burden

Today John texted me a picture of two women on either side of a beautiful bovine beast pulling a large cart full of something agrarian. Corn husks? He asked if I’m the one on the left or the one on the right. I said I’m obviously the one in the middle – the cow orContinue reading “Beast of Burden”